Why JCB's colour Is Yellow?

Why JCB's colour Is Yellow? You must have seen a JCB machine, which is a common sight everywhere in the world. JCB usually is used for excavation, construction etc. A few months ago, ‘JCB’s digging’ went viral on social media.
One must be wondering why JCB is yellow in colour. But has anyone spared a thought as to why this machine is yellow, and not any other colour?

Image result for jcbBefore knowing about the colour of JCB, let’s know something about the company which made JCB machines. In fact, JCB is a UK machine making company headquartered in Staffordshire, England. Its plants are spread across four continents of the world.

JCB is the first such machine in the world, which was launched in the year 1945 without a name. Its founder thought about its name for a long time, but failed to find a good match. Later, it was named after its founder-cum-inventor Joseph Cyril Bamford.

One would be surprised to know that JCB was the first private British company to set up a factory in India. Today, the largest export of JCB is done to India.

In 1945, Joseph Cyril Bumford built the first machine, a tipping trailer (luggage trailer), from war-surplus materials. It was sold for 45 pounds in the market at that time, which is about 4000 rupees today.

World’s first and fastest speed tractor ‘Fastrac’ was built by the JCB company in the year 1991. The maximum speed of this tractor was 65 kilometres per hour.

It’s also surprising that in the year 1948, only six people used to work in JCB company, but today, around 11 thousand employees are on board worldwide.

Initially, JCB machines were coloured in white and red, but later they were changed to yellow. Actually, the reason behind this is that due to this colour, JCB is easily visible at the excavated site, whether day or night. This makes it easy for people to know that excavation work is going on.

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