This Whatsapp 5 Trick Which Will You Make Expert

This Whatsapp 5 Trick Which Will You Make Expert:

Everybody is using WhatsApp at the present time. WhatsApp is one of the popular apps, most commonly downloaded in the phone. WhatsApp we have been using for many years but we do not know all the tricks associated with it. So, if you also know some of WhatsApp's features, there are many things that can be done easily. There are 5 WhatsApp tricks, so you can get the name of WhatsApp Expert amongst all!

Status Hide: If you want the status you put in to be seen by some people, then this is a feature too. You have to go to Status for that. Here in the right-hand corner there will be the status Privacy option. After selecting it, you will have three options, My Contacts, My Contacts Except and Only Share with. From that you have to select 'My Contacts Except', then select the contact you want to hide your status from.

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Mute Group Chat: You can use this feature if you are connected to many groups and are bothered with frequent notifications. The first thing you need to do is go to Group Info. Then select the Mute Chat option. In it you can mute group chat from 8 hours to 1 year. That way you can avoid being disturbed by those group notifications.

Disable Blue Tick: This feature is designed with users' privacy in mind. This feature has also solved the frustration of many users. The person with whom you are chatting with this feature does not know whether you read his message or not. You need to go to settings for this. By clicking on the account here you will see the Privacy option. Here, an option for Read Receipt that you have to disable will appear. Then nobody will know if your message has been read.

Hide Last Scene: This feature is very handy for you if you want to hide when you are online. For that, first go to Settings. Click on Account option here. In this you will see the option of Last Seen. Here you have to select the Nobody option. Then no one will know when you're online.

Share Live Location: This feature is very handy if you are stuck somewhere or want to show someone a way to reach you. The first thing you need to do is to go to the Chat menu's attachment menu. Select Share Location option here. Select it and you can send the location. You can share the live location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

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