New Breakfast 'Power Breakfast' Treats More Energy & Strengthens Immunity

ealth Desk: You need more energy and stronger immunity while you are traveling. With this need in your mind, hotels are now serving a power breakfast. This strengthens the immune system against diseases by giving them more energy. The following diet is served in 'Power Breakfast'.

Fruit -
Seasonal fruits contain rich amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and anti-oxidants for good immunity . You can also eat papaya every day. It contains vitamins A, C and folate. The papain contained in it also helps to relieve stomach problems. Similarly, pomegranates filled with iron also prevent anemia. Fruits contain many vitamins and proteins, which provide immunity to the body.

Traps - Milk is beneficial to the body in many ways to keep digestive tract healthy. These are full of vitamins and proteins. It has a very small amount of calories. As well as having high fiber in it, it helps in keeping your digestion good. Not only does this help to reduce cholesterol but also prevent cardiovascular diseases. Eating rash is beneficial for keeping blood pressure under control.

Detox Water -
Detox water is beneficial for reducing body weight to reduce weight . It also helps in weight loss. Along with this it is also useful in glowing the face. Being fat free, people like to drink it. Many detox drinks can also be made from household items, such as ginger-lemonade. For this, ginger juice should be consumed with lemon and mint juice every morning.

Soaked Almonds - Will Control Blood Pressure Eating soaked nuts
every day for breakfast or empty stomach is beneficial for health. It contains vitamin E, fibers and folic acid. This helps you maintain your figure as well as improve the digestive system. Almonds are considered to be an important part of Power Breakfast in reducing the effects of aging. People who have this blood pressure problem will definitely benefit from health if they eat soaked almonds.

Musal will be strong A medium-sized idli has about 40 calories. It does not contain cholesterol and saturated fade. Therefore, eating it is beneficial. It is a good source of protein as it is made from rice and lentils. Idli is said to be beneficial for strengthening bones and muscles. This is quickly digested. It does not cause fatigue and sleep, etc. and becomes activeness.

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