Does your phone's battery rotate frequently? Doing this will only increase the speed of work

Does your phone's battery rotate frequently? Doing this will only increase the speed of work: Without a smartphone V, we cannot know or imagine our lives. We have been using the phone every day. Phone has become a necessity for everyday life for us as a luxury or a luxury item. The situation is now that even the vegetable-to-workman uses the phone separately. After completing the workout Jio has revolutionized the field of Nokhi Telecom, we have been using the phone to the extent that we have no other time or phone.
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We do not communicate with our phones every day, even online shopping or sometimes playing games and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we complain that the phone's battery drains too fast or the phone has to be charged repeatedly or the phone is too slow or not running.

If you use social media to keep pace with the times, you get a heap of information in just a few moments. You get information about a new place or hobby. We keep downloading such a closed app from the Play Store in our phones.

The speed of our phones is often low because of this. We reduce the speed of smartphones by downloading new high-performance Android games with better and better graphics. It is not necessary that you buy new phones periodically. If your phone does not have the necessary data that you need to remove, then you need to remove it if you do not need it.

Eliminating or uninstalling some apps also increases speed and battery life.

Increase the speed of the phone with this very simple step

Go to Settings in Step-1 Phone Tap on Memory.

Step-2 You will find that cue content is using too much memory. Internal storage also appears in this list.

Tapping Step-3 memory will move the memory to used by apps

Step-4 Now the list will appear in the App Usage of RAM 4 section in 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 1 day.

This lets you know which app uses how much RAM. Looking at the list will remove the bean app you need so you can increase your smartphone's processing speed.

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