how to Apply Online For Driving Licence

Apply Online For Driving Licence | Updates MaruGujarat: We know driving licence importance in India. Driving licence is most important document for vehicle honour. Here we inform you how to get a driving licence online. Apply Online For Driving Licence Procedure given below:

Application Form: An applicant is required to obtain a learning license in order to get a new driving license. An applicant is required to apply in Form No.2/4 for the purpose of both learning as well as driving license, Medical Certificate in Form No.1 (A) is also required to be attached. In case a person wants to obtain a driving license for transport goods vehicle, & to get an online appointment or for further details, visit Government Official Website:

Eligibility: A person should have completed 16 years to obtain a license for 2 wheelers without gear.
A person should have completed 18 years age to obtain license for 2 wheelers with gear, Motor-car, Tractor and other non-transport vehicles.

For transport vehicles, a person should have completed 20 years of age. In addition he should be passed standard 8th pass and should have experience of 1 year driving a light motor vehicle.

Necessary Documents: 

1. Proof of Age: School Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport, Pan Card, L.I.C. Policy or a Certificate from Civil Surgeon or a Doctor equivalent to that can be submitted as a proof of age.

2. Proof of Address: School Leaving Certificate, Passport, L.I.C. Policy, Electoral Voter I-Card, Light Bill, Telephone Bill, receipt of House Tax with address, Pay Slip of Central/State/Local self Government or an Affidavit from the applicant to that effect can be submitted as the proof for address.

Fee: The fee for Learning License and Driving License has to be paid together.Rs.25/-as test fee plus Rs.30/- per category of vehicle is required to be paid for Learning License.

Rs.200/- for a Smart Card Driving License and Rs.50/- per category of vehicle is required to be paid for Driving License.

Procedure Of Examination: 
  1. To obtain Learning License, Knowledge Test through computer is required to be passed.
  2. Subject like Rules and Regulations of traffic, and traffic signage’s are included in the test.
  3. 15 questions are asked in the test at random, out of which 11 questions are required to be answered correctly to pass the test.
  4. 48 seconds are allowed to answer each question.
  5. A person failing in the test can appear for the re-test after a gap of 24 hours.
  6. A person who has learning license or driving license and seeks to apply for an additional category of driving license in the existing driving license, is exempted from the knowledge test on computer.
  7. Click here for LLR Practices and Mock Test

Driving test is compulsory to obtain a permanent driving license: 
  1. One can appear for driving test after a gap of 30 days of obtaining learning license.
  2. Driving test is conducted on the same kind of vehicle for which application is made for obtaining driving license has been made.
  3. Learning license is valid for a period of 6 months only, therefore, an applicant is required to appear for a driving test within the validity period.
  4. Click here for, Appointment Booking for Driving Test
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