Air will be charged in 'your smartphone, new technology is coming

Wireless charging is the trend nowadays in premium smartphones.  This gives smartphone users a lot of charge.  Now preparations are being made to upgrade the wireless charging technology.  In the new upgrade, the phone will be able to charge 'over the air' without connecting any device.

This means that the smartphone will not need to be connected to any device.  The phone also needs to be connected to the charging pad during wireless charging.  With the help of this technique, the phone can be charged by 'air'.

How to Know Out The Air Air Charging 

talks about existing wireless charging technology, Wireless Charging Pad works as a cuddone cook, in which the induction coil creates electromagnetic field and the receiver on the back panel of the phone transfer it to energy.

No need for a charging pad

 Wireless charging from a charging pad is an excellent option, but users sometimes have several problems with carving a charging pad.  This will also eliminate the need for new technology charging pads.  Now companies are making phone cases that can be used to charge smartphones.

 Over the air charging case

 Case maker company Spigen is developing an over-the-air charging case in collaboration with wireless charging technology vendor Ossia.  After that, no charging pad, adapter or plug is needed to charge the phone.  The case will be converted to direct current by transmitting the radio wave and the battery of the phone will be charged.

The phone can be charged from 3 feet away

 With this case, the smartphone will be charged from 3 feet away.  This case will deliver a small amount of power, so that the phone will be charged in 30 to 60 minutes.  This technique will only work on phones that have an RF based receiver present.  This technique is expected to come to market in 2020.

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