Only one text message can be hacked on your smartphone, know what to keep in mind

One research revealed that Android phone could be hacked with just one text message. Following this disclosure, there was a threat to the security of the Android phone. As stated, Check Point Research of Check Point Software Technologies has revealed in one of its research that Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony and other Android-based smartphones are very susceptible to advanced phishing attacks.

The security firm said that the Android phone could be hacked through the over the air (OTA) process. As mentioned, in the over the air method the mobile network operator is included in his network to update the new phone. Also known as an OMA CP message. According to research, this process requires very little authentication. Any hacker can send his OMA CP message to his android phone using this route.

Through this message the hacker can hack the phone data of the users through a setting or virus. Research has revealed that Samsung phones are the most sensitive in this regard. Because, the authenticity of sending its OMA CP message is not checked. The virus is installed in the phone instead of the user simply receiving the message.

According to researchers, Huawei, NG and Sony want authentication forms, but the hackers simply need International Mobile Subscribers Identity (IMSI) and it's not difficult for hackers to get them. However, hackers can also bypass IMSI by creating an Android app and accepting a user with a PIN protected OMA CP message and with its user. According to a research researcher, it is very important to overcome this deficiency given the popularity of Android phones.

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