Loans up to Rs 1 crore loan for Woman for do business | Government Scheme Full Detail

Loans up to Rs 1 crore loan for Woman for do business | Government Scheme Full Detail: From July 5, Nirmala Sitharaman's budget speech announced a new plan for empowering Sitaraman women.

There is a plan in place. And there is a standup scheme. The business is very important for women interested in this scheme.

You should know the need for this. What should be known about this scheme. You get a big help. So discuss India's plan.
What is this scheme?

This scheme is designed to help women and Scheduled Tribes (SC / ST) people.
That way it is given a loan to start their business. The scheme was launched on April 5, 2016. The scheme is similar to a startup scheme, but since the startup scheme was to provide loans for every type of business, the Stand Up India scheme focuses on SC / ST people and women. Women can get SC / ST logo from 1 lakh to 1 crore. Each bank branch has to provide loan to at least one SC / ST person and women.

Requirements for obtaining a loan.

Age is over 18. This project should be in Greenfield. And there has to be a new project. This project should be linked to a product, service area or business area. If a loanee is opening a business with someone else. So getting a lawn is a different condition. That is, at least 51 percent of the stock and stock control and the woman should be in the hands of the SC / ST person. Only then will he get a lawn.
Nature of the lawn.

The list of bank information will be launched. Joint loans mean both loans and working capital will be included.

What is a Joint Loan? Explain that this loan is often given to build a home. Get a loan for two functions.
To buy a plot, another to build a house in that plot. That is, if a person wants to build his house, that is, if a person wants to build his house, but he does not have enough money to buy the land and he has no money to build a house on the land. Can. No need to take two loans separately. Work will be done in a single loan. Term loan, plot will be purchased, capital loan will be available for house construction. This loan is also available under Start up India Scheme. This joint loan includes two loans, term loan and working capital. For a term loan, startup or business, buy a land, buy a machine, buy a vehicle, buy a furniture.

What will be the margin money?

Margin money, which means a percentage of your shares throughout the project. So how much will your own money cost? Minimum margin, average minimum margin 10 percent, and maximum margin i.e. no more than 25 percent maximum. Now, to fully understand the complete margin, if a SC / ST class person, or woman, takes a loan under Start Up India plan to start her business. It will cost you at least 10 percent of the total number of experts in your business. It is realized that Rina's project is 1 crore, so it is in her pocket. It will have to pay a salary of 10 percent to 10 percent, or Rs. 10 lakhs, which will put 90 lakh banks. This will be the case with the least margin. So Rina can give up to a maximum of 25 per cent stake in the blockchain.

The rate of interest.
The interest rate, that is, the interest rate is determined by the bank. Depends on the bank though. But yes the interest rate will be very low. For the interest of the bank, the lowest interest rate will be applicable. Not much. The maximum payment time limit will be 7 years.


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