how to increase memory power? One of the Best Idea We Must Follow

how to increase memory power? One of the Best Idea We Must Follow: The brain ie the brain is the most important part of our body. The brain controls the whole part of our body. If your mind is sharp and sharp, then you can never stay behind in anything but something. The mind of the people is not so sharp, they are very weak, what is the reason behind this, the mind of some people is much sharper, then the mind of the people is a little less. In this article, in today's understanding, we will tell you how you can make your brain sharp (Dimag tej), how you can make your children brain sharp in studies, ie, to accelerate Yadast or else Children or you can increase your memory power, how to increase brain power to speed up the brain in Hindi, how to increase memory power in Hindi ( how to increase memory power in Hindi), How to sharpen the mind If your mind Yadast fast or have a mind sharp (Mind Sharp) in a student only if you life successful can be and whatever Pdoge they will remember you for a long time and your mind studies will also make so sharp mind For this, you will get many remedies (upay) or mantra in the internet, but here we will give you the best tips i.e. you can adopt these tips in your daily life and your mind and memory power That can accelerate let's come to know how you brain can accelerate (Dimag Tej)? 

how to increase memory power? One of the Best Idea We Must Follow

1. Eat the right foods:

If you do not know what you are eating, it plays a very important role in speeding up your memory power or mood. If you eat a healthy food then your body will remain healthy and if your body is healthy If it stays alright then your brain works right and the brain starts working properly, then obviously it is your mind sharp (dimag tej) i.e. mind sharp, then in the list below, some list is given to you. Or should eat and what you should not eat.

The best brain food to sharpen your memory & focus:
  1. Eat Fatty Fish 
  2. Blue barries to sharpen the mind 
  3. Broccoli is the best food for the brain. 
  4. Dark Chocolate that helps the brain to have blood flow. 
  5. Eating nuts means that it helps in increasing your memory power. 
  6. Eat eggs daily. It contains many vitamins that help to speed up the brain. 
  7. Eat green vegetables, it helps to sharpen the brain. 
Avoid food for your brain
  1. Do not consume alcohol 
  2. Do not eat spicy foods 
  3. Do not smoke 
  4. Don't eat too much junk food 
2. Exercise daily:

As you know, there are so many benefits of exercising daily, its body remains fit and fine, and if our body remains fit, then only our mind i.e. mind starts working in a right way. To work with the body it is very important to remain fit, for this you can go to the gym, do morning walk or you can do yoga daily.

Brain Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp
  1. Read book loud Read the book loudly 
  2. Try to do something new, if you do anything new, then you have to brain for something that will make your brain use and try new things, then your brain will exercise 
  3. Mind games play games like mind games like chess, exercise of your brain, which will make your mind sharp. 
  4. Learn new things every day, if you learn something new everyday then it will also sharpen your brain. 
  5. Do Physical Exercise 
  6. Do yoga daily 
3. Get enough sleep

Many people work hard day and night to be successful in life, but some people sleep very little, that is, they do not sleep enough, which can be a huge problem if you do not sleep enough. Stress can be a problem, your brain will feel very heavy all the time, which will hurt your head every day if you sleep properly, so it is said that the brain is fresh And Sharp's is extremely important to sleep in sufficient quantities to be considered at least 7 to 8 hours Best to sleep in sufficient quantity.

4. Listen to the songs daily for some time

Yes, you will not know that listening to songs also makes your mind fresh and mind sharp i.e. when you do not feel like doing anything or you are stressed, then by listening to the songs, you can boost your mind (Boost ), Or if you do not remember after studying for a long time, then try to chant that for some time, you will listen to your favorite songs by putting a head phone, which is an item to freshen your mind.

5. Play Brain Games

If you like to play games in free time or if your child likes to play games, then you can play brain games such as chess, puzzle or games in which more brain Used to play such games, your mind will start working properly and your mind will be sharp.

So these are the best tips that you can follow in your life to brain sharp to sharpen your mind.

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