There are a variety of different techniques and approaches to applied behavior analysis, including many therapeutic methods in attempting to overcome learning difficulties. The most popular and widely known method is known as Discrete Trial Teaching. Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) is a method of teaching in simplified and structured steps. During DTT, instead of teaching an entire skill in one go, the skill is broken down and “built-up” using discrete trials that teach each step one at a time.

Although Discrete Trial Training is the closest thing to a “baseline” in the field of ABA, many other methods are gaining popularity in recent years. Practicing ABA therapy in natural settings instead of controlled settings as well as an increased emphasis on ABA in schools are a few newly appreciated methodologies. Regardless of the approach to ABA employed by the therapist, circling back to the ABCs of Behavior is vital to any effective process - antecedent, behavior, and consequence. For more information about ABC and useful tools to put into practice, check out this guide to ABC charts External link for applied behavior analysis.


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